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March 2001

Fibromylgia and Osteoporosis

The evening of December 19, 2000 changed my life forever!! I had an appointment with Dr Underwood In, which my husband and I sat down with all my medical records. Dr Underwood and Susan took the time to read all the results of the tests (and I mean TESTS, TESTS, and more TESTS).

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis (Brittle bone disease) with bone loss in my 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th disks in my neck. In other words, I had a pinched nerve in my 5th and 6th disk with swelling and inflammation, which caused me to lean to the right and forward with extreme pain running down my right arm. I was also extremely tired all the time, CFS.

I was devastated How could I an active woman of only “55” be in this kind of pain and condition? I was active in our business, I garden, I shop and I am active in baby-sitting my “3” grandchildren. I also took all kinds of vitamins and at least 2,000mg of calcium per day. I thought I was protected against the evil disease “Osteoporosis”

My life I thought was destroyed, or at least I thought. It had been a long road to this point in my life. I had been to doctors for several years before this night. In 1999, I had been diagnosed with “Tendonitis” or Tennis Elbow. I had Diarrhea, mood swings and pain all over my body. Every doctor I had been to simply want to give me Pain medicine and move on to the next patient. Dr Underwood spent over an hour reading my records.

Dr Underwood spent hours with my husband and I explaining what he thought to be the health problem. He also ordered blood tests.

I was given trigger point shots for the immediate pain in my neck area, a Neck collar, IV mega vitamins to replace Calcium/ Magnesium, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Flosmax, and, Hormone replacements, and Thyroid Medicine. The Next morning I felt better than I had in weeks.

Dr Underwood told me I was in menopause, with no estrogen, and low thyroid with the beginning of Osteoporosis. He gave me a plan to begin my road back to health! Dr Underwood explained neck exercises, and started me on small weights to improve the circulation in my arms, plus walking for at least 15 minutes daily.

To date I have had four IV mega vitamins, Trigger point shots and 28 Hyperbaric Oxygen therapies, I am out of pain and I am completely off all Pain Medicines, I can now drive a car and feel better than I have in Years!!

Thank you, Dr Underwood and Susan for giving me back my life, and I am grateful to God for all that he has given me.


Mrs. S. Blair