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Courtney's eyes straighten!

Our daughter Courtney was brain injured at birth 10 years ago, She functions at a 18-24 mount old level neurologically, She is globally delay with visual processing being our biggest frustration. Susan Rodriguez at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics Ran us through 40 treatments of HBO Courtney's left eye has completely "straightened out" no more convergence. She has begun looking at her hands for the first time in he life. She is without a doubt more aware of her surroundings. She repeats 5-6 word sentences versus the 2 word couplets before. Despite her horses appetite, Courtney remained seriously underweight. but now for the first time she is gaining weight, 4 pounds in 8 weeks!! These results were all confirmed by her teachers who were unaware of the therapy.

We were not doing any other treatments or interventions during the HBOT. We will be doing more HBOT treatments. To parents with children with old injuries, Please consider the use of HBOT. there were no miracle cures, but some really big steps towards our goal of making our daughter well.

Diane and Kevin Caprio.