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* PRIOR to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
* Diana is blind and has over 400 seizures daily
* She requires multiple Drugs
* Tight fisted

* Diana has completed 80 Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions
* She is off all medicine for Seizures
* Diana has Regained her sight.

See testimonials of improvements from Parents, Special Educational Therapist, and Vision Specialists.

Diana, diagnosed with cortical blindness. After HBOT's, Diana's vision specialists state that her vision is restored.

This is a report documenting Diana’s progress from late April, May and June of this year, which is after her treatments began. I have been Diana’s teacher for the last two years and I can report that Diana has made more progress in these last two months than at anytime previously. In general, Diana has been more alert and responsive in her school environment and she has been sleeping less.

More specifically, In regards to her IEP goals Diana has met or exceeded several of them. Overall her gross Muscle strength and control has increased. I attribute Diana’s newfound success to her Oxygen therapy, which has allowed greater access, and benefit form her school intervention activities.

Gross Motor: She is now able to maintain a sitting position unassisted in a preschool chair for several seconds, she can tolerate Taylor sitting while using her own hands to prop herself up for several minutes at a time. She is using her trunk muscles to lift her torso off the table or ground, in other words she is trying to sit up. She was unable to do any of these activities two months ago unless she had full physical support.

Fine Motor: During morning circle Diana is able to hold instruments without dropping them for several seconds and she is reaching and grasping for objects with much more intent and purpose. The most exciting aspect of Diana’s exceptional progress is that for all of her short life Diana has had everything done to her or for her. Now for the first time Diana is showing some independence and self determination, which in turn, positively affects her self esteem and motivation for the future learning.

Paula C. Miller, EDCU specialist
Classroom teacher.


I have been Diana’s communication specialist for the past two years and have observed more improvement in the past two months than at anytime before. Diana’s IEP goals in the area of communication relate to using switches independently. This is an important step leading to the use of an augmentative communication device in the future. In the past two months, Diana has become much more proficient at activating the radio, the computer, various toys and voice output using Big Mac, Big Red, and Jellybean switches. When activation the computer and radio, her movements can be described as very purposeful. For example, when activating the radio she will purposely disengage in touching the switch when a commercial begins as opposed to when the music is playing. Frequently other children will join her at the computer and when given a verbal prompt she will hit the switch to play music for her friends, Diana has been babbling much more than before and Diana’s mother reports that she says "wa" before drinking water, and that she has said "mama" on a few occasions. Recently, Diana laughed for the first time at school when tickled by her teacher and classroom aide. Over all a significant amount of growth is evident since she began hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Diana’s recent ability to communicate through vocalizations and body language is very exciting for her mother and teachers.

Cristina Stryker, Communication Specialist


Diana has shown significant improvement in her visual awareness since she began treatments her head control has improved and allowed her to gather information from her environment visually. She will look at an object of interest and will also shift gaze. She will also visually locate or relocate objects. She will visually search for something that has been moved. Diana is able to track but time must be allowed for her eyes to move toward the object. Diana does track to both sides when interested. Diana is consistently aware of light sources and does react to the sun. She will turn away from light sources that are too bright. Her use of vision should be encouraged. Diana has been seen for her vision needs since infancy.

She had no consistent visual responses until she began these treatments. Her responses to visual stimuli have allowed her to gain from her school and home experiences. This is exciting not only for Diana but also for her parent and teachers as well.

Toni Gardner