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Update:August 2000

Connor, Autistic-like disorder, trauma at birth. Testimonial by Connorís Mother.

Connor had 40 Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics in San Bernardino, CA In July 1999 Here are the improvements seen after the first 40 sessions.

Over the last year since HBOT we have seen the following:

This year Connor healthiest year ever since his birth. Far less Runny Nose and Flu.

The school has reported he has more endurance when he walks around the school. Prior to HBOT, He use to stop and cough quite often. This has not happen once during this year after HBOT.

The school also reports less behavioral out bursts since HBOT sessions.

Connor is at the TOP of his class in Reading, Math, and Spelling. The Teacher reports he is at a 2-3rd grade level! NO ONE thought Connor would ever write!

Connor is not sensitive to hot food any longer since HBOT.

Prior to HBOT Conner was sensitive to sunlight. He would hide from the sun shining in his eyes. The sun no longer bothers him.

Prior to HBOT Connor had a hearing test, the test revealed a hearing loss of significant decrease in his hearing of the mid-tones. However, Connor was re-tested After HBOT and the test revealed Improvement in his right ear in the Mid and High Frequency a very significant change. These changes just does not happen. These changes in Conner are due to the HBOT therapy. Connor no longer wears his double hearing aids.

July 2000, Connor returns to Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics for a second session of HBOT.

Susan states, I have not seen Conner in a year, He now is speaking and I notice a huge increase in Connors control and behavior. He Comes in the chamber room with his head tent, (Oxygen Treatment Hood) and Puts a Video in the video player climbs in the chamber for a treatment after a year! I am completely in shock. He remembered everything and Loves to go in the chamber. I truly hope that this second session will further help Conner. We feel that Connors has had a significant change and we are all thrilled at the noticeable difference in Connor.

This August 2000 Conner and his devoted mother completed 39 HBOT sessions. I look forward to hearing of continued improvements for Connor. I want to thank his mother for allowing us to be a part of Connors improvements. We wish this family all the very best.

Susan, and Dr Underwood MD, DO, JD.

Update: July 2000

Dear Susan,

Connor has continued to improve over the last year. His eye contact has greatly improved. I am going to have his hearing checked again because I suspect it is still getting better. Connor has started writing on a magna doodle. His penmanship is great for never have written before. Connor is more vocal, I believe due to his improved hearing. We have been so excited by his wonderful improvements over this past year. I know the Hyperbaric treatments are a significant part of them.

I would really like summer. I would like to do 40 more treatments. We miss you guys. I'll talk again soon.

Deana Mother to Connor (Update)

Original Testimonial: November 1999

[Letter from Connorís mother]

Hi Susan,

I have some great news about Connor. We just had an audiology appointment for Connor yesterday and his hearing is better in both ears. His hearing is better than it was when he was first diagtnosed with a hearing loss in 1997. I had hoped to have an improvement in some area that was pretty remarkable. Something the doctors could not deny. I donít care how we get back into the chamber just as long as we do. The para that worked with Connor last year is working with hm again and said he has no coughing spells or acting tired when he walks to gym or lunch, like he did last year.

Connorís Mother