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Cooper Testimonial - September 2000

Cooper is a 3 1/2-year-old boy who suffered a severe brain injury as a result of a near drowning accident at age 19 months. He was under water at least 5 minutes and without a pulse for 25 minutes. He lost all motor function including the abilities to walk, talk, eat by mouth, and hold up his head. Before beginning Hyperbaric treatments he had regained the ability to eat by mouth, but was still developing these skills. He was also constipated for which he was given mineral oil on a daily basis. His vision was impaired leaving him able to only see certain colors and outlines of pictures. His muscles were very spastic in his arms, back and legs leading him to have a tiny bit of contractures in his arms and scoliosis in his back. He also had a seizure disorder of up to 40 seizures per day that he was on the Ketogenic Diet for and also taking anticonvulsants. He had received nearly 2 year of physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

In August 2000 Cooper completed 40 HBO treatments. Though we were not expecting to see changes until he'd received at least 80 treatments, we started to see changes toward the end of this first round. He began focusing his eyes much better and making a lot more eye contact. His nurse, teacher, and therapists noticed that when they would address him he would routinely make eye contact with them. He also began to be less constipated. He started having bowel movements inside the chamber during his treatments and soon after we were able to discontinue the mineral oil altogether. During the month following this first round we noticed more still. Cooper was swallowing better and handling thin liquids better. His sucking improved to the point that we could give him a bottle!

The most exciting changes were in his spasticity. Some days he will be very loose throughout his body. When he's loose he's happy which led to him crying less and less. His arm contractures have been able to be stretched back out. He still has a tendency to have some tight days, but overall he is much looser. He seems more cognitively aware and it's much easier to get him to smile or laugh. The same month after completing the first round of HBO we began an intense home therapy program with Cooper. Within a month he was making improvements. We feel the HBO helped Cooper to be more successful on his home program than he would have been otherwise. He is using his feet to push himself down a ramp and beginning to pick up his head more and more. His eyesight continues to improve as well as his eating. So far, there haven't been any changes in his seizures. We plan on continuing with HBO until Cooper has undergone at least 200 treatments. Susan and the staff at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics are very caring and do everything possible to make the treatments a pleasant experience!

Bridget Somerville
(Cooper's Mom)