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Craig D.
Closed Head Injury Auto accident
Hyperbaric Therapy 7 years post accident

August 23,2004

To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing to bring you up to date on some changes in the physical condition of our son Craig.

Although Craig had made a remarkable recovery from the injuries sustained in an auto accident several years ago, ( 7 years) we kept on hoping for greater improvement in his condition. The massive head trauma he experienced in the accident seemed to have healed as far as was possible of what he lost due to his injuries.

Last year, Craig took 40 hours of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at the Rapid Recovery Center in San Bernardino, CA. Very early on in the treatment: Craig started to show dramatic improvements. His speech became clearer and the stutter, which had plagued him virtually, disappeared. Craig, also, displayed clarity of thought that was a great improvement over his condition prior to that of treatment.

There was improvement in his movement. His balance was better. The spasticity that had restricted his use of the right arm was greatly reduced. He began to use his right arm more. The paralysis on his right side that affected his walk seems to have become less of a problem. Friends and relatives who saw Craig after his treatment all remarked at the dramatic improvements in him. It is amazing how the success of the oxygen therapy has increased Craig’s self- confidence. Craig has taken more treatments this year.

Although, the improvement from this session is not as dramatic as that experienced last year, the improvement of his overall condition is still happening!

We are writing, not only to inform you of the success of the hyperbaric treatments, but also to recommend such treatment for other patients you might have that have suffered similar injuries. When we originally tried the treatments, we were not expecting very much. We were very grateful to see how the results exceeded our expectations.

We will be making an appointment to see you very soon so that you may witness the changes in Craig. Thank you.


Parents of Craig
Larry and Victoria D.

Permission to post and print.