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Dale Bell (Mom, Tracy)


I can say so many good things about HBOT, I could just talk forever about all the improvements I have seen in my son, but I just wanted to quickly talk about the other improvement in my son that doesn't get mentioned much. Self esteem. My son is 6 years old with the diagnosis of stroke in utero, CP, Right Hemiplegia. He has had two separate sessions of HBOT. He did 38 treatments the first time and then another 32 a couple of months ago at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics. (I have lot's of nice comments about Susan too.)

After the first 38 we saw lots of improvements in him, but most of it was lost to regression. With the second set of treatments all the improvements came back and then some. (it's been two months now, with no regression, looks permanent this time.) It's just amazing to see your son do things he hasn't ever been able to do before. It brings tears to my eyes every time. But the most important thing, the thing I really didn't think about, is how proud he is of himself. I can't even begin to explain the feeling that go through me when I see my son smiling and giggling because he just but together a lego car for the first time. Or when he climbed up that ladder to the slide at the play ground that he could never do without my help. He stands up there on top of that slide with his chin in the air and a grin from ear to ear. How great it must feel for him not to have to ask for help with his pants at school when he needs to go to the bathroom. Or how about the fact that he can cut his own food at dinner time, or buckling his own seat belt in the car. I never see my son anymore screaming "wait!" with tears rolling down his cheeks as his friends speed away on their bikes.

That's right, he's right up there with the rest of them now. HBOT not only has given my son some more physical control over his body, but it has also boosted his self esteem. He has so much self confidence now, he is always running in the house asking for Band-Aids because he is doing courageous things that he never would have tried before. In short, he is being a little boy. I sit outside and just watch him and joy just fills my heart. What I gift my son has received, a gift that I always have dreamed would be given to him.

Tracy Bell

Original message: 04/24/00

Dear Susan,

I'm so pleased with the results Dale got this time around. His arm is so relaxed that I don't have any trouble at all getting his brace on. Before the treatments, I had to get out the jaws of life to open his hand, but now it is so loose that I can just place it right into the brace - no problem!

Dale's also excited about being able to use is hand a little bit more. He keeps showing everyone how he can open his hand and drop things out. Then yesterday, (this is the best) Dale was at the park and he was climbing up a straight ladder to go down the slide. Usually he only grabs a bar with his left hand and then quickly lets go and grabs the next bar with his left hand again before he falls off. He couldn't hang on at all with his right hand, so he didn't even use it. But now when he went to climb the ladder he not only grabbed the bar with his right hand, he was able to hold on tight enough to support his body while he let go with his left hand to grab the next bar! He was so excited!!!! Now he doesn't have to fear that he might fall off when he is letting go with his left hand! He also went to therapy yesterday (physical, occupational, speech). All of his therapist noticed a difference, especially how loose his hand was. He was also able to flex and lift his right toes off of the floor (while keeping his foot on the floor). He wasn't able to do that before. His pt wants to try to do some muscle stimulation with him since he has some new movements that he didn't have before to try to give them that extra push to function properly. As for speech, Dale is so talkative, his therapist could hardly do any structured activities with him. He wanted to tell her all about his trip, which took the whole session, so we'll try structured activities next time.

Can't wait to do more treatments!!!!