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March 17, 2000
Testimonial from A.K. and her Caregiver
RSD/TOS patient

“Lost My Job because of HBOT!”

The improvements in my patient A.K. health have been remarkable due to HBOT! Initially she was totally dependant and housebound. A.K. was unable to dress herself, bathe, feed herself or care for her child. She was unable to move her neck, or arms. She could not eat any foods except baby food, because of the digestion problems involved with RSD/TOS. She could only stand one hour out of 24 hours daily. She remained on bed rest or in a wheelcare. She could not ride in a car with out laying down, propped up by pillows with her hands and arms straight out palms up. A.K. was on morphine and other pain medicines daily . A.K. also employed a full time nanny to care for her three year old son. A.K. had not held her son since he was three months old. A.K. was a physical therapist.

I am her caretaker, Dina, I drove A.K. to every pain clinic in California, all of which did not help. I took her to acupuncture, Chiropractors, and physical therapy which did not help her. She also had Craniosacral Therapy which did help to a degree, however there were risks involved and A.K. had many set backs. HBOT has provided the best therapy for A.K. She has had so far 35 HBOT treatments. Here are her improvements to date, A.K. can stay up 12 hours daily, She can dress herself, bathe, eat normal foods, go to restaurants, movies and Church! Best yet is the fact that she can now care for her active son over two hours a day with out help. Her Grip strength has gone from 18 psi to over 40 psi . A.K.’s Physicans are Shocked over her improvements. More importantly her pain level has decreased well over 75% AND she is off all pain medicine. She feels like she has a life again! We are so excited because A.K. will undergo another set of HBOT sessions with Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics, Susan Rodriguez’ center in San Bernardino CA.

It has become very obvious that I will need to find another job in the near future. HBOT treatments have been the only therapy that has produced significant improvements. The results in A.K. have been nothing short of Dramatic! A.K. looks forward to happiness with her family whereas before she wanted to die because of the severe pain of RSD/TOS.

Dina, Caregiver, in need of a new job,
A.K. RSD/TOS patient.

Susan Rodriguez DMT
Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics
Health Enhancement Centers