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Dominique : Stroke at Birth

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Dominique M. has received 40 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT) over a four month period. We the parents of Dominique would like to express our opinion as to the experiences we have had and the positive effects of this treatment.

First, I would like to give some back ground on the medical history of Dominique:

Sometime prior to birth Dominique experienced a stroke, what exactly caused this stroke or exactly when it happened is unknown at this time. However, because of this prenatal Stroke, Dominique’s suffered massive brain damage to both sides of her brain, (Bi-Lateral Infarction). The prognosis given by her doctors has been wide ranged. Dominique receives O.T., P.T., Visual Stimulation, Hippo-therapy, and a lot of T.L.C.

Prior to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Dominique’s Conditions were:

1. Limited head control

2. The inability to sit upon the floor or chair

3. The inability to crawl or scoot

4. The inability to roll over.

5. Limited oral communication

6. Minimal expression and awareness of surroundings

7. Cortical Blindness

As Dominique’s treatments were progressing, we noticed several changes in her abilities.

At the end of every treatment, she was very alert and stimulated. After the 40th HBOT treatment, we noticed the following:

1. She was aware of her surroundings

2. She acquired the ability to laugh, Smile and interact with people ( playing games)

3. Greatly improved head control

4. Almost the full ability to sit up independently

5. Improved lower and upper trunk strength

6. Greatly improved sleeping habits

7. Greatly improved eating and swallowing habits

8. Documented, improved sight

9. Interaction with video’s, and other therapies

10. Communication skills

11. Reaching out for objects, hand, arm, and motor control

We have witnessed extremely good progress in Dominique and we contribute this progress to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy directly. Prior to starting HBOT, her progress was extremely slow and minimal.

Dominique maintained all of her regular O.T. and P.T. appointments during the duration of HBOT treatments. All of the Therapists, as well as her treating physicians and Neurologists have charted great improvements with HBOT treatments

We will be continuing Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. We would like to thank you for this opportunity to share Dominique’s\’s positive experiences with HBOT treatment.


Ray and Annette M.
Parents of Dominique