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Testimonials from Dr. Phillip James M.D.

Dear Dr. James,

We are treating a number of near drown children at this time. I would ask for your impute for these dear children. We are having very positive results with the treatment. I would deeply appreciate your expertise in this matter. As always, I deeply respect your dedication to the field of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


Susan and Patrick Rodriguez CHT
Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics

Dear Susan

My preference has been for 1.75 atm abs because we have found that this is the pressure preferred by chronic MS sufferers using a mask/demand or Head Tent delivery system.. It is not possible for an optimization of treatment pressure because we simply do not have the data for individuals. So realize that you are doing very good things for these children! Few in the World have access to this level of care.

Best wishes to a special person.

Dr Philip James MD, PhD.
Wolfson Hyperbaric Center, UK