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DYLAN, Autism 2-2005

Hi! Susan, Dylan actually played Candy Land with me and Dominic last night!! That never would have been possible before the HBOT treatments. Every day gets better and better.

Dylan’s Mother

Autistic Child

Dylan C.

Summer 2004

Hi Susan. I know it has been a while since I've emailed. I'm sorry. I no longer have internet at home... And am so busy at work... But I want to take a few minutes today because Dylan is doing wonderful. I still need to backtrack and write you about everything up till now, but I just talked to my mom and wanted to tell you the latest from this week. First of all, his writing samples that come home from school no longer have scribbles on them. He copies the words and then, rather then scribbling or tearing up the paper, he asks for the next one!!! When we used to play on our swing set he would say maybe three or four sentences to his little brother (in 30 minutes) now he talks the entire time we are there…Come on Dominic…Catch me. No, come this way…Let's play tag…Last week the three of us played soccer for 20 minutes and he played the entire time!!!! He has never played with us for more than one kick!!!

This morning (on the way to school) he was talking to my mom and said…

Dy - Look, there is a bus.
Gma - Yes it is a school bus.
Dy - where do the school buses go?
Gma - they are taking the children to school.
Dy - but where do the children go?
Gma - They go to school and then in the afternoon the bus takes the children home.
Dy - I want to go home on the bus.
Gma - But mommy picks you up
Dy - No, you pick me up today
Gma - Ok. I'll pick you up today

Three months ago he would not have gotten past a two turn conversation. Now he can do at least a 5 turn conversation!!!


Mother of D.C.