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10-year-old Autistic girl with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome July- August 2007

From United States Air- Force Base in Belgium

Updates after 40 HBOT treatments!

Hi Susan,

We made it home yesterday morning. It is great to be home together. The flight was wonderful! Our easiest yet! Elizabeth was wonderful! The second flight is usually so difficult for her (that is when her meds wear off).

Just a quick story to share....Tuesday, I asked her sister to pick up the legos, which I had seen her play with earlier in the day. Elizabeth called up from downstairs and said, "oh Mom, I got those out. I'll pick them up." And, she did. This is unbelievable for many reasons. Mark and I almost fell off the chairs we were sitting in; it is so out of our "norm".

Susan, thank you! Thank you for your patience, your concern, and your love for everyone. I will write a testimony for your web site. It may take a while, because I want to do it justice. Also, I believe we will continue to see improvements, so I don't want anything left out. Also, you can share that normally, if I had asked HER to pick them up, she would not have, much less, taking responsibility of her own initiative!

In the meantime, Please Please share my updates with other parents!

I wanted to tell you that Elizabethís teacher is so amazed at the change in her that she considers it a miracle! I know that Godís hand was with us every step of the way!

J and M
Proud Parents of Elizabeth

Reprinted with Permission