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Cortical Blindness/ Brain Injury
Age 47 years old

In 2001, during a routine surgery, I suffered a traumatic brain injury due to Hypoxia/ Anoxia (a lack of oxygen to the brain), which resulted in cortical blindness. I was in a coma for several months, followed by intense in-patient and out patient physical therapy. All of the doctors I consulted said there was nothing else that could be done: My vision and motor skills would not improve nor my speech. Initially I could see only colors and blurs, but it was like looking through a very small dense fog. In 2002, I started HBOT treatments and began noticing very small changes, such as more vivid colors and glints from shiny objects. As Treatments continued, I was gradually able to distinguish nuances in color, and I could make out shapes such as billboards or brand name signage, like logos of certain businesses.

Please understand I have three small children at that time and could only have a few treatments at one time. My mother had moved in with us and was helping me with daily living and the care of my children. However, with progress and more HBOT I was able to now read words that are formed with 4-inch letters, ambulances, radio towers, street signs, and hair on a persons arms!! I no longer see things like in a thick fog!! My speech and motor skills are still improving! I am able to walk unassisted. I believe and know that these changes are due to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I also used acupuncture however; I believe that acupuncture is an ancillary treatment and worked more like a complement to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Acupuncture is not a substitute for oxygen therapy. Only after Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was I able to read words.

If there are others with cortical blindness and brain injuries, I strongly encourage them to consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Thank you Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics, Susan and Dr Underwood for all that you have done!


Frances, C. R. Age 47