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Jan. 2000

Before Hannah started her first series of oxygen treatments she looked very sick. Her skin was chalky in color with dark circles under her eyes. She fatigued easily and moved very slowly. If she responded to conversation, it took forty five to sixty seconds for the response. Generally, the response was inappropriate and conversation was one sided. Her emotions were generally flat, although she did exhibit rage and prolonged temper tantrums, often for no apparent reason.

She had twitches occurring every three seconds, which were so intense that they at times interfered with her attempts to write her school work. Her tonic clonic seizures struck every 2 – 4 days. Post ictally, she would shiver and have goose bumps. She had completely lost at least 2 years of memory. Changes in routine were very distressing for her.

We saw improvement immediately. Within three treatments, she was moving faster and her skin color improved so that she no longer looked sick. She was much happier. After about 20 treatments, the twitches began to space out and weaken in intensity. Just before each seizure, she seemed to have new memories and she began to talk about things that happened two to three years before. Her energy level improved tremendously. She laughed and smiled more. Her angry outbursts were less frequent and less intense. By the 39th treatment, the twitches had subsided enough that Hannah generally did not feel them. She had a new sparkle in her eyes and was more flexible to changes.

By the time we were ready to start the second series of treatments, Hannah no longer seemed to have a delay with auditory processing, was able to maintain eye contact and had improved her fine motor skills. She quit repeating everything and was able to hold a more normal conversation. She was more relaxed in general. She was weaned off all seizure medications.

July –2000 We started the second series of oxygen treatments. Hannah is no longer disturbed by loud noises and even laughed at a mock gun fight. She is much more flexible and has even been willing to learn the handwriting that she refused to even try at school. When reading aloud, her inflection is much better. Hannah is able to hold a more normal conversation and is thinking more deeply. Her short term memory seems a little better. The twitches seemed to flare up when starting this second series of treatments, but not as strong as they had been six months ago, and only when resting. They have subsided.

Hannah’s seizures are now occurring every 5-7 days, and she no longer breaks into goose bumps or shivers. Her sharp attention to details is coming back. A few days after watching "101 Dalmations", she wanted to know the day of week and date in October that the puppies were born. She is starting to see more humor in things and smiles and laughs more than ever. She exhibits anger less frequently and more appropriately now.

Other treatments tried in conjunction with the oxygen:

  • Acupressure to stop seizures is effective if we catch it soon enough.
  • Spinning her to develop the vestibular system. She is now able to stand on her left leg almost as long as her right. She no longer falls if she gets bumped.
  • Brain Gym exercises based on Kinesiology and Accupressure. Specifically targeted auditory processing, visual tracking, eye/hand coordination, and cross-lateral re-patterning. She is much better in all areas.

NAET, an allergy elimination program which incorporates chiropractic and chinese medicine. Seeing improvements.