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October 1999

Since his initial HBOT, Matt is more verbal, using louder voice and more words. He stands and sits more erect. He can stand very tall by holding onto something like the countertop with just one hand. Hes more connected to his environment. His eyes are more open and not so sleepy looking as before.

The following are some of the newer things we have noticed since we arrived home from treatment:

  • He continues to use the toilet and would even request it sometime which is something he didnt do often before.
  • We still assist him in walking but he is picking up his feet more and higher. Hes using his hands more for searching and feeling around.
  • His left hand is warmer and seems to have more feeling.
  • He would crawl more readily than before and a bit faster.
  • He sleeps through the night soundly.
  • His appetite is good most of the time.
  • His temperament is still hard to predict sometimes, but when hes in a good mood we hear a lot of giggles and talking.
  • His head banging is still there but more controllable.

We definitely see the benefits of HBOT. Well continue to pursue treatments. Got to run for now, keep in touch and keep up the good works.