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From Hawaii

We took our son, Jack, to see Susan Rodriguez at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics for the first time in January of 1999. Jack had just turned 4 years old.

His first hyperbaric treatment was anything but smooth. He screamed the entire time! Even though we tried to stay calm, we were very worried. We had traveled 3,000 miles, spent money that we really didn't have, my husband had taken a month off from work, and we had high hopes that HBOT would help our son. We went back to our rented condo, regrouped, and then went back to Susan's clinic later that afternoon. Well, Jack's second treatment was much different than the first: he didn't cry, scream, or anything. He was so relaxed he fell asleep! The next day he was very excited when we pulled into Rapid Recovery’s parking lot. After a few more treatments, he would actually start to cry when we took his head tent off! If you're reading this and are apprehensive about how your child is going to react to HBOT treatments just remember that kids are smart. They know what makes them feel better and like to do things that make them feel good. HBOT makes Jack feel better. Here we are now, almost 5 years later, and Jack still loves to go in the chamber.

The benefits of HBOT for Jack have been many. Too many to write about all of them. Here are just a couple of examples: Before Jack's first round of 40 treatments his body temperature was always, low and he would have a seizure with a fever of just 101 digress. After the first round of treatments, his body temperature was 98.8.

IF he would in the future get a fever of 104 he would no longer have a seizure. Amazing!

Before HBOT, Jack could not straddle our backs to ride "horse". His abductors were just too tight. After just a few HBOT treatments, he was riding "horse" on our backs all over Susan's clinic! Even now, if we lay off the treatments for a while, I see that his abductors start to get a little tight. We do some treatments and the problem straightens right out again. I'm sure that without HBOT we would already have had to look at Botox or surgery to help with this problem.

Jack has not had any improvements from HBOT that would be considered, by many, to be major. However, he has had so many small improvements when you add up the sum, to us, his parents, it is nothing short of miraculous.

We would like to send a heartfelt thanks to Julie Gordon at MUMS for introducing us to HBOT and to Susan and Pat Rodriguez for providing their professional and loving care of our son.

Liz and Phil
Maui, Hawaii