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Eyesight improving with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Dear Susan and Gordon,

Here is the real news....

I went for an eye exam Monday, after 20 treatments, ready for the worst, and instead I read at 20/20 with my bad eye on the eye chart (in the less affected area at visual center.....this has NEVER been achieved before), the optic nerve swelling is gone,....and best of all MY VISUAL FIELD SHOWED A LARGE AND GENERAL IMPROVEMENT.

I am so grateful for you prayers and your help..I have prayed and found that I didn't know how to ask for this...but I finally just asked the Lord to look into my heart and please grant me healing out of sheer grace.

I now believe that His hand is in this...but I find it even harder to pray for continued healing...It feels so selfish... But I thank Him and ask to be worthy of his grace. I'm listening for the quiet voice that will tell me what to do with my healing when it is complete....

It would be such a great thing for so many other people to see this succeed. I am determined to continue, regardless of the doctors, until I am convinced we have given the treatments their full course..

I hope all is well with you and your family...Thank you for your prayers...You are in mine....Please e-mail anytime...

J. C.