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Traumatic Brain Injury Jeff Age 8

February 2002

My Son was hit by a car two years ago and suffered Severe Brain Trauma . He remained in a Vegetative coma for the last two years. Unable to move, Close his mouth, Speak, and became severely Spastic with his legs crossed and curled up to his waist. His left arm was pulled up to his chest. He was very ridged. His tongue is extended out of his mouth at all times. He is ventilated with Trachea tube.

We decided to try Hyperbaric Oxygen at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics in San Bernardino CA. Dr Underwood came and gave Jeff a full physical exam at the Hospital where my son lives, XXXX XXXX Care Long term Health Center in Loma Linda.

The orthopedic Surgeon advised that we have his tendons cut because he said that he would never be able to relax his legs and they would become even more spastic as the years went by.

Here is what has happened so far, his Respiratory Therapist into the chamber attends Jeffery. With in the first treatment his legs untwisted and relaxed for the first time since the accident two years ago!!

Treatment #2 His hands relaxed and are able to lie in his lap. The hands for the first time are open and loose!!!

Treatment #3 His tongue which usually extended far beyond his teeth now closed and no longer is extended out of his mouth!!, This is the first time in two years I have seen my son's mouth in a normal fashion. He was able to follow commands and when asked he will grab your hand and squeeze it!!

Treatment #5 today is the very best of all, Jeffery was doing his best to verbalize and make sounds!! I have not heard my sons voice or a sound from him in over two years!

My son can now sit in his wheel chair with both legs and feet in the leg and feet in the correct position in the wheel chair!

The Respiratory therapist is in shock! We all cried today as we looked into the window and saw that he was making noises and looking at us through the window!

I am completely speechless and so grateful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for my son. I realize now that the well-meaning Doctors are not always right. That Brain disorders do NOT mean that the person is mentally gone; Rather with Restored Blood, flow there is a good chance that the brain can restore itself to function once more.

Thank you So much Dr Underwood and Susan for this wonderful form of therapy that the hospital did not tell me about, I only wish I had found it sooner.


Joanna, Mother to Jeffery TBI