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Ian Johnson Report by Parents, Tad & Susan Johnson


I am sending you this recommendation for you to use how you see fit. Maybe you could put it on your web page. And feel free to give our e-mail address too if you like. We thank you again for your assistance in helping Ian. He is doing great-Improving in all these areas. We love you. God bless and take care.

Our son, Ian, finished 40 HBO treatments on May 21 with Susan Rodriquez in San Bernardino, CA. We were very pleased with her services and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking into HBO treatment for their child. Her care and attentiveness were superb. She has a genuine love for children and went to great length to make us comfortable and help us in any way. We did one treatment per day over a period of 55 days. This worked best for our situation.

Our son's diagnosis is:

* Cerebral Palsy associated with neonatal kernikterus

* mixed form of cp with spastic quadriplegia and choreoathetosis

* Reflux, g-tube (placed Jan 27, 1999), inflamed esophagus

We were very pleased with his improvements. To understand his improvements you would need to know Ian before treatments. He had little ability to control any movement, had very poor head control, didn't interact with many people and when he did it was for a very limited time, He would just look at things and not be able to tell his body how to get anything so he wasn't interested for very long looking at a toy. He loved videos though (something that didn't ask him to get it) He didn't make many sounds except screaming. Could make a weak mm and uh sound but thats all. He could not make any other consonant sounds. He has fluctuating tone so he was either very stiff or very floppy. He couldn't maintain any stableness to trunk when in a flexed sitting position. He had to be standing using his spasticity to maintain trunk and head up.

His main improvements were:

  • increased alertness-able to listen better, look me in the eye, understand more and follow simple commands-"Look at me. Get this toy. Put it in your mouth. Push the button. Stop screaming"-interact with people more, interact with computer and hit a switch to activate and change pictures, hit toys and switches to activate toys.
  • better head control-able to lift head up when asked, better able to maintain and for a longer time, 5 min. on lap- able to hold head up when in sitting position.
  • better trunk control-able to hold trunk more stable, pull arms in with intent to balance and maintain balance for 5 seconds.
  • increased fine motor skill, can put hand to mouth with concentrated effort, reach for toy, hold on to toy for several minutes, wiggle fingers for hi
  • Babbles more- effort made to say words, says a strained ma and poo tries to repeat other words but can't form them yet. Can say d, g, h, p sounds
  • can lie on tummy where before he would just go balistic extending all extremities in extensor tone-can sleep on tummy now--can also pull up knees and push and scoot forward a bit.
  • Can suck on candy sucker-better mouth control, can move food around in mouth better and less gagging.

These are the main improvements and we see continual improvement in all these skill he has inquired. We are planning our next 40 treatments in July.

We give all the glory to our Lord for His gifts- for the oxygen and His knowledge that He has so abundantly supplied. Let us never say there is not a great designer who made heaven and earth and the wonders there in. Only a fool could not see that our maker has a great plan. Let us always be searching for Him and He will unveil His mysteries. "Our God is an Awesome God"!

In His Service,

Tad and Susan Johnson

Ian Johnson with his Father Tad, (1999) at the start of his HBOTs.
After 17 treatments, Ian could sit and say "Ma"! Significant improvement!
Ian at 40 treatments is standing and taking steps!