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Near Drown child

Jozee Standing

Jozee is my adopted child who drown at 8 months old and became a ward of the court. I was able to adopt Jozee at 11 months old. When she first drown the neurologist told us that she was a vegetable, blind, deaf and would never be normal.

He also insisted that she DNR on he chart.

I contacted Susan and Dr Underwood and we began Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. Dr Underwood adjusted her diet to include vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. After several treatments, Jozee’s Pediatrician realized that Jozee was able to see and hear! She started making sounds and responds to our voices! Now after many treatments, Jozee is able to move her arms and will hold a toy. She is able to take some food by mouth and will track with both eyes!

Jozee is like an entirely new person! Her therapists are very impressed. She is able to stand in her stander and sit in her car seat and stroller, where as before HBOT she was so stiff and spastic that she was unable to sit or bend her legs.

She responds to touch and loves to be held.

Jozee has had the DNR removed from her chart.

All of her doctors and we as her parents feel that Jozee would not have survived had we not started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Near drown children often will need many treatments; we will continue to have Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

We also want to thank the Junior Blind foundation for helping Jozee.

Thank you sincerely for treating Jozee and changing her life.

Mr. and Mrs. D. A.
Jozee’s parents