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J.R. Silicone disorder, CFS F/M

Dear Susan,

My body doesnít hurt me nearly as much. I have more energy I think the oxygen is still kicking in as I am able to move faster and not feel my legs like heavy whiskey kegs. I get up easier in the morning with less grit in my eyes and less fatigue and less pain and less myalgia than before. I definitely feel better. My sjogren disorder is not as debilitating. My eyes havenít cleared but they are less dry. My skin is still all dry and crinkling like wrinkled wax paper lines, but I know I have been relieved and I think with ten more treatments I will get rid of the neuropathy in my foot. My elbow is better now too, and my neck and my numb thumb not as numb.

I do not tire as easily. I can stay up later...and work longer on the computer. It was worth the hardship. I am grateful to you Susan. You and your husband are really wonderful people. You are on to something real positive and nourishing to the body and spirit.