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Kevin's progress with HBOT

I definitely see improvement. After 16 treatments, one of Kevin's biggest improvements is combat crawling distance. Before treatment Kevin used to combat, crawl a few feet. Now he is crawling all over the house. Physical strength with his trunk appears to be slightly stronger. Kevin can bear his weight a little longer than he did before treatment. Although his speech remains the same, Kevin now manipulates and sticks out his tongue. Finally, Kevin learned how to use his father's finger to point to his nose when requested.

Thus far, Kevin has received only 16 treatments, but it appears Kevin is benefiting from HBOT. I hope that after 40 treatments Kevin will reach higher milestones and potential.


Kevin is improving so well! he is now able to speak many words including "Water" In TWO languages Clearly!

He is now walking using his walker all over the house, We have not arrived at forty we are taking it slower than normal because of my work, However the results are just wonderful!!