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Linda and her daughter, Julia [12/24/99]

E-mail to Susan Rodriguez, Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics…

"Oh, this is just so exciting! Bob called me last night and told me that Julia’s also not been repeating herself for the last couple of days – this is just incredible!!! The repeating thing was such a constant problem with her, to the point where her 5-year old brother would say to her, "Julia don’t repeat yourself.". The repeating would go something like this, ‘Mommy, can we – can we – Mommy can we – can we go to – go to the – go to the store?’" And she would say all this verrrry, verrry slowly. But now it seems she’s processing it better so she doesn’t need to repeat it to keep her place in her thoughts. Does that make sense? Also, Bob said last night on their way home she read some longer words that were written on the control panel of the car – a word that she ordinarily wouldn’t even have noticed much less read it! I’m just blown away with the immediate results!!!! Gawd, I LOVE you, Susan!!!

Linda (Mother) on HBOT results on her daughter, Julia – Updated January 2000.

Now for the GREAT news - Oh Susan, you would not BELIEVE the improvements in Julia!!! (or maybe you would! :0) She's talking so well now.!! And she hasn't had a seizure in almost6 weeks!!! NONE!! NADA!!!! ZIPPO!!!!!! And she's stopped repeating - AMAZING!!! And she's so much more curious now about EVERYTHING!!! We can't even go to the supermarket without her wanting to touch and smell every piece of produce in the store, asking 'what's this? what's that?'

And something else - she's rediscovered her tears!!! Ohmygod, can she cry up a storm now, at the drop of a hat!! It's like this release or something. It's not that she's unhappy, just that she's so much more in touch with her feelings now. It's so wonderful, honest to God!!! She hadn't cried for YEARS!!! It's just the most precious thing to see her tears. I hope that doesn't sound weird. I'm not making her cry just to see them. She just cries so easily now, whenever she feels 'sad', as she says. And her talking is just amazing now. The aphasia has improved dramatically!!! Her teachers are in shock, Oh, almost forgot to ask - is this related to new blood vessels forming, do you think? You said within two months of her last treatment we'd see the biggest improvements, and it's been like clockwork!!!

Linda (Julia's Mother)


re: Julia's improvements - The changes in Julia are even more than I hoped for, Susan! She's memorizing things like you wouldn't believe! Check this out - she was at her dad's in New Hampshire last week and wanted to call me, so instead of dialing like he usually does, he wrote the phone # down for Julia to dial. Well, she stares at the paper for about 15 seconds, then turned away from it and dialed the #!!!!! She actually memorized the 11 digits within 15 seconds!!!! And not only that, but she STILL remembers the phone #!!!!! That's just a small sample of the amazing improvements in her cognition, memory, moods, EVERYTHING!!! She's even DANCING with me now!!! I put on some Tracy Chapman and the two of us go to town!! God, Susan, i am so eternally grateful to you!!!


Since the last progress report there have been significant changes in Julia's social/emotional behavior in the classroom. Her ability to identify and name classmates, teachers, and therapists has improved dramatically. Julia can identify and name her classroom teacher and all of the teaching assistants with almost 100% accuracy. She can identify and name the therapists with 70% accuracy. She has progressed from knowing two classmates' names to now knowing 7 out of 9 of her classmates' names with 90% accuracy. She is more accurate with classmates she has been with longer.

Lynne Dauphinais ( Julia's teacher)

February 2000