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Testimonial from Spain Patient with RSD
Translation from Spanish
Dec. 2002

My dear Susan,

Here I am, in Palma de Mallorca, BALEARIC ISLAND in Spain where I found a wonderful doctor who is doing hyperbaric medicine and he has a lot of experience on it. He just came from San Francisco and he is very open mind. HE does not know a lot how to treat a Sudeck RSD disease but he treats a lot of diseases and problems. HE Treated a girl with more or less the same problem as me with me very good results. She was cured in 25 sessions. Today I had my first session. I was a little nervous. I have been one hour and a half with other person taking care of me. After I came out I started feeling more pain, but the doctor told me it was normal, and don’t be afraid. I went back to the hotel and I rested for 2 hours. After that I wake up with NO Pain and I went to have the dinner with my friend Eva who lives here. It was amazing not to have pain, and I am very happy thanking God and you. I will have 25 sessions and I will let you know how the treatment is working. So far it is working miracles!

Please thank Dr James for speaking with me on the phone.

I don’t have words to say thank you! Thank you for helping me to find HBOT for RSD!

God be with all your family this Christmas.

God bless you!


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