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Update On Matthew
2-year-old Near Drown Child
20 treatments and continuing

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the nurse for Matthew, near drowning victim age 2 years old for over a year since his accident.

Prior to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Matthew was very spastic and unable to move without assistance. His eyes very often rolled back and he was unable to hold anything in his hands. His head control was very poor. He was fed only by G- tube and completely non-verbal.

Matthew’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Started September 29, 2001, slight but noticeable improvements was seen already after a few treatments. When in a supine position with his head on a pillow, Matthew started lifting his head a little. As treatments continued, Matthew started becoming more alert and started to look around when he heard voices or noise. Matthew finished his 20 Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments at the end of November 2001. He continues to improve slowly. Matthew’s eyes no longer roll back at all and he is able to roll from side to side with out any assistance. He is able to turn from prone to supine position. At times, he even manages to turn from supine to prone position on his own. He will reach for and grasp toys, hold them out and turn them. He is able to look for musical toys and turn them on by himself. He is able to sit in his wheelchair and with the aid of the tray reach for toys using both hands at midline. Matthew will hold his head when in prone position showing everyone how much he has improved in trunk and head strength. He is able to sit alone with out assistance for up to 15 seconds. Matthew fully understands and follows voice commands.

Prior to HBOT Matthew was completely G-tube fed; now he takes a bottle four times daily and is able to eat purred baby food. The improvements were so profound that the doctor removed the G-tube.

Lately he is able to speak “ Baby Talk” and laugh out loud at appropriate situations.

During HBOT, therapy Matthew had no problems equalizing his ears and adjusted to the chamber very well.

We are going to continue Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy because of the outstanding improvements that we have seen.

Thank you so much for your kind treatment of Matthew.

Elike S.
R.N. for Matthew XXXX

Accredited Nursing Services
San Fernando, Orange Co, Long Beach, Glendale,
Los Angeles, San Gabriel, California

Matthew XXXX
Near Drown Child, Age 2


To Whom It May Concern:

I have seen Matthew XXX Since March 2001 at my initial visit, Matthew was severely hypertonic of all the extremities. He was unable to move all extremities, He was agitated most of the time. He was unresponsive to verbal stimuli.. Visually he did not follow all fields. He was fed via NG Tube.

After his sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, there is a noticeable improvement. Matthew's hypertonicity has decreased over 60%. He is able to grasp objects with both hands, bend both legs, right stronger than left.. He is able to follow verbal commands. He visually can follow fields and grasp objects when placed in front of him. He is now starting to feed puree diet by O.T. with out any episodes of choking or aspirated noted.

Matthew has made a dramatic improvement since HBOT, I feel that he would benefit immensely from more HBOT sessions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Cindy XXXX R.N.
Registered Nurse, and Case Manager