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Two Autistic Children


Our two autistic children were recently treated at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics in San Bernardino, California and we have been quite happy with the results seen in both of our children!

Our 8-year-old son started showing improvements in attention and expressive language after the first 10 days of treatments! His language showed more complexity and his commenting increased as well. His vocabulary has grown vastly. He started making comparisons between things and asking questions in ways, he had not done before beginning the course of Hyperbaric treatments! He improvements have been maintained ever since!

Our 7-year-old daughter began to show most of her improvements after the completion of the 40 dives: things such as increases in both receptive and expressive language, wanting to do everything for herself, (getting dressed, brushing her hair, etc…) and imitating her brother. Her general cognitive awareness and interest in people and things around her greatly improved.

Both children have made growth in sociability and teachers at school have noticed all of these changes as well. Our children actually enjoyed the time of the Hyperbaric treatments themselves, feeling comfortable in the facility and with the staff. They loved the big video collection to choose from!

We implemented the DAN! ( defeat Autism Now!) Protocol for five years now and have tried numerous biomedical interventions (MB12 injections, chelation, with oral DMSA, TD-DMPSS, TTFD, TD_GSH, I.V.-EDTA, I.V. DMPS, and have been on the gluten-casein diet from the start, we have also have used LDN, antivirals, Bethanecol, antifungals, and vitamin and minerals supplements) Both Children have had intensive behavioral programs as well.

Of all the interventions that we have implemented we have seen the most progress with three interventions including behavioral therapy (ABA), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Heavy Metal chelation with I.V.EDTA and I.V. DMPS, the most recent being Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

We are very pleased with our results from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and would highly recommend this therapy and Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics!

Mike and Ellen B
Parents of Sam and Deanna B.