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Our son was involved in a situation, which could have ended his life! He had a Methamphetamine overdose. When this happen no one knew or attempted CPR. He passed out and sustained a massive closed head injury and Traumatic brain injury to which it also caused cardiac arrest. During this crucial time no attempts were made to give CPR or any life saving technique. Paramedic’s arrival came and our son was DOA with out breath-sounds or heartbeats, nor pulse. Cardiac shock was administered and a pulse plus CPR, and bagging finally was begun.

Upon arrival at the ER Hospital he was put on live support with out hope for recovery! We were told to “pull the plug and donated his organs!” We refused and told the ER doctors “NO!” I thank GOD they listened to our requests. Coma and seizures soon began. After several weeks in a coma he came through and was breathing on his own via the trachea tube intervention. However little hope was give to us for recovery in any shape or form. They told my wife and I that our son would be in a vegetative coma for the rest of his life. We were devastated to say the least. We started praying to God for an answer.

He was transferred to a “rehabilitation hospital” where he began his life of sedating drugs and very little form of physical therapy. I stayed with my son day and night never leaving his side.

After a few months we read about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and then found out that a center, which had been treating my son’s type of brain injury, was within a few miles of the Rehab. Hospital!!!

We began our journey using HBOT and later combining with intense physical therapy in 2007, starting with 40 treatments daily. We used Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, and increased B- complex. We absorbed the book, “ What to do about your brain injured Child” We prayed with out ceasing and asked the Lord for a plan and detail directions.

Our son’s medical condition prior to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

My son’s diagnosis was global brain damage and severe neurological devastation.

MRI/ PET Scans indicated small bleeds, and strokes causing massive swelling of the brain.

Trachea dependent and G- tube fed.

He was cortical blind with blown pupils and would not blink his eyes. Cortical Blindness

He was spastic and stiff he could not open his fists or move his wrist at all.

His legs were stiff and with out movement. Knees were bend.

Both feet were point inward indicating brain stem damage.

Various medications for seizures and spastic related disorders.

No facial expression or “Stone Faced”

Profound Deafness

No response to loud noises

Was not stimulated by the Rehab center and given only very little P.T.

Reflux disease by incorrect positioning and feeding.

Esophageal painful sores.

Extreme constipation without resolution.

Our son lay day after day prior to beginning HBOT in a wheel chair unable to neither hold his head up nor make sounds. I called Susan’s office and requested a packet of information. She did more than just mail out a packet; She came up to the hospital and spoke with me personally.

On the day Susan arrived at the hospital, she asked me if I was at the hospital all day with my son? I told her that I was with my son over 13 hours daily! and that I never left his side! Then Susan said, “then why aren’t you stimulating his brain?” Why aren’t you moving him and allowing him to smell food and other stimulants? Why aren’t you making noise to give him stimulation? She suggested that I start by using a feather duster and “GET my son on his feet!” She had some suggestions for reading materials. She asked my why my son wasn’t at home, telling me that by being at home he could be nurtured by the family atmosphere. That by being at home we could control his environment better! I could not believe it, here we were at a Rehabilitation center and never was told what to do!! Susan told us that families often go into shell shock over situations as this. But she reminded me that now is the time to change it all. Susan and Dr Underwood warned us that it could take many sets of therapy. They also told us that it would take allot of work and time. They never gave us false hope or guaranteed anything. We were told that, since the neurologist had put on the medical records that it was hopeless, we had nothing to loose but urged us to wisely apply common sense and read all the studies. That day our conversation ended by telling us that we need to combine other therapies to make this successful. That we needed to be bold we needed to “LOOK outside the box” We soon learned that we were our son’s only advocate his only voice!! Soon we were able to slowly wean off the sedation type drugs with the help of Dr Underwood. He was put on vitamins and minerals that help the brain heal.

  • With the first set of HBOT our son can now respond to voices and simple commands.
  • His pupils are equal and dilate.
  • His pupils respond to light and he will now squint in the sunlight!
  • He will look at you and give two blinks for yes and one long blink for no.
  • He gives these responses when asked only.
  • His hands are open
  • His wrists are now normal and at the corrected angle.
  • His feet are straight and at a 90 degree angle
  • He stands in his stander up to an hour daily
  • He cries at family gatherings.
  • He says Ma Ma
  • He makes other noises as if he wants to talk
  • His entire face has changed to look more normal
  • He can now be transported in a normal car, sitting in the front seat because of the improvement in his stance and muscle strength.
  • He now can hold up his head all day.
  • He has gain massive muscle strength in all extremities.
  • He closes his mouth and verbalizes becoming much more social
  • His tongue is now inside his mouth.
  • He will cry and is so social.
  • He is much more loose in all extremities (i.e., Legs, knees, arms, wrist, neck, back, waist, ankles and fingers.)
  • He no longer requires medicine for Seizures.
  • He has had no seizures since beginning HBOT
  • He makes facial expressions that are appropriate to the circumstances.
  • He will raise his eyebrows and smile.
  • He will become angry and impatient with us, He will then respond normally with an angry face!
  • Prior to HBOT the medical records said he had a “Stone Face and Dolls eyes”
  • He will move his feet when requested.
  • His hearing is restored.
  • He will move his hands and arms when requested
  • He will turn his head and eyes to look at you when requested.

All of these improvements are only the beginning, however from a Neurological point of view are highly significant in several ways.

The fact that he can hear when we ask him to do something means that the brain now is doing several functions. His medical records all state clearly, that our son would never accomplish these goals. The other doctors were wrong. When the brain hears a command and is able to put into motion the command this tells us the brain is now working in a normal way. The Patient is now able to make his body respond to verbal commands. This way the brain is interrupting the command, and sending the electrical impulses to the responsive part of the body.

The fact that his pupils now dilate and look at you or the person talking, Shows that he hears, has vision, and put into motion the requests made. WE now understand how many tasks his brain is doing just by these simple requests. What peace we have discovered as we all learn about the brain. To know that our son now has vision, when the Neurologist said he would never see. The brain is so complex and wonderful!

We have met other parents who have such great knowledge and have spent a great deal of time helping us at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics.

We will have Physical Therapy i.e. patterning and more intense newer therapies this coming month. We will continue to have Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy again starting in a few weeks.

We want to Thank God for answered prayer and for allowing us to find this HBOT center near our house. Dr Underwood and Susan have been so wonderful! Taking time to pray with us and encouraging us all the way. I wanted to share with families and to give my sincere recognition to our heavenly Father for each and every answer and giving us a plan. I hope that this has encouraged someone else.

May The Lord God we serve touch your life today! John 3:16



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