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Pamela M.
AGE: 46 years old
65 Hyperbaric Oxygen Session

Cerebral Palsy Ė Mixed type with Spasticity, Aphasic, Quadriplegic, Scoliosis, Osteoporosis, Spinal Fusion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Severe gastro- intestinal problems, Contractures in both legs, sight impaired.


Pam has had a long history of IBS. Her symptoms included: Stools ranging from normal/ loose to pellet like, with excessive mucus, low appetite, sleeplessness, gas and lower abdominal pain. Before starting HBOT, these symptoms had become so severe that Pamís general health had started to decline.

Diary of Success!

1st Treatment:

Good bowel movement at end of day. Immediately more alert!


More relaxed in the evening with thoughtful facial expressions.


Spasticity down, especially left arm.


Less distress, Discharge in left eye ( Blepharitis) is completely gone. It has been there for over three years!!


Sustained handgrip. Dr Underwood gave vitamin and mineral IV drip. Pam held the sucker all the way from the clinic to home! Drooling much less.


Less spasticity! Bowels are much better

Next 10 HBOT treatments:

Eyes are changing! Closer together and able to direct both eyes together. Pays much more attention and tries to follow directions. More responsive to people. Looks at objects with both eyes. Tracking! Mouth is now closed most of the time. No longer a mouth breather.

August 2002:

Pam is gaining weight and her body is filling out more. Trunk and legs are much heavier. Bowel regularity is much better after 45 years of problems. Not crying and in pain much less. Good hand grip. Better head control. Is able to roll on the floor. Dr Underwood gave another vitamin IV Drip.

Pam is much more vocal and demanding with her mother. Much more relaxed in the chamber and at night. Gastro- intestinal distress is almost non-existent for over three weeks!

It seems that her face is filled out. Weight gain.

What I love most about Pamís progress so far is her facial expressions. She has always been poker Ėfaced and generally unresponsive to people. NOW she looks at you with both eyes and responds with a smile and laughter! She is actually watching the videoís in the chambers and laughs at the appropriate times.

I feel I am connecting with a personality, one that I have rarely seen in 45 years. I am fascinated to know who she really is!!

More therapy notes through 9-02 Irritable bowel syndrome seems to be gone!

Dr Underwood gave a Prescription drug, Flagl it has helped with her bowels and Dr Underwood told us to give her friendly bacteria flora, B- complex, Omega fatty acids 3-6-and 9 Multi vitamins and minerals.

Susan gave Pam her trophy for 40 sessions and Pamís face lit up and she was smiling from ear to ear! Never have I seen this in my daughter. Pam seems upset if we donít go for HBOT. We will continue to have HBOT twice weekly for Pam. We are very happy with HBOT and endorse this form of therapy for every adult and child with Cerebral Palsy.

We are Pamís parents and in our 70ís and 80ís our goal is have Pam self- feeding before we are unable to care for her. We believe this will happen. We hope to report more improvements soon!

Thank you!!

Mr. and Mrs. M.
Pamís Parents

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