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Two year old Pieter- Jan from Belgium

Will you excuse my English. We are from Belgium and we will try to tell our story in as good English as possible.

Our son was born with the cord 3 times around his neck. In the beginning we noticed not much but when he became older his development was very slow. So we started searching for treatments to help our son. Then we find in America a physical treatment. But also very and very expensive. Our trip to America would cost us almost 20 000 $. When we were here having Physical Therapy for almost 5 weeks. We heard from someone about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We asked the cleaning women if she saw children before and after the Hyperbaric treatment. She told us that there was a Susan who had helped a lot of children. We tried to contact her and after 2 days we found Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics. We had a physical exam with Dr Underwood. and immediately we started the therapy because we would like to have the 40 treatments before we will leave in another 5 weeks. We did not tell anything to our physical therapist.

At the end of the 1 st week of HBOT our Physical Therapist said that our son developed this week more than the other 5 weeks together. So it was not our imagination The Physical Therapist did not know we were having HBOT too!. Peiter made the basic for sitting, crawling and walking. In the week we added HBOT to the physical Therapy! Also he is more energetic and he can speak more clearly. We stopped for one month and now we like to start again. So we will tell you later about the following developments.

Pieter-jan is 2 and a half years old. The last 2 months he developed more than in two years.This is a miracle

We are so happy that God brought us HBOT and to think it was just 3 blocks away from the Physical therapy were we especially came for to America for!

I can assure you when you are coming from so far and find this solution for your son that this lady Susan and her Husband forever and ever stay very special people in our lives. I hope that there will be a moment that our son can understand what they did for him !!!!!! When we go home we will contiune HBOT for Pieter- Jan with Dr James in the UK. Susan is looking for a HBOT center close to our home.



It is not easy to write those things and feelings down in English so please help me with my faults and tell me if I am clear enough for the people with the same problems?