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Rudy C.
Near drowning
17 months old
March 2003

Rudy is now able to stand in his stander and when asked
he will hold his arms up, Kick a ball and lift his legs!

On June 24, 2002 our son, Rudy fell in our pool. It is not known for sure how long he was submerged. Our 5-year-old daughter pulled Rudy out. We were told three times that he would die, but Rudy proved them all wrong. The doctors gave us no hope of a normal life and he was given the diagnosis of “Persistent Vegetative Coma with severe spasticity. The doctors advised us to put him in a hospital for disabled children. They told us he would never see, hear, move or speak.

On March 3, 2003, everything changed! We started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics in San Bernardino, California. We viewed the tape by Dr Neubauer and with in a few treatments Rudy began to make sounds and says “ouch” when he has physical therapy. He also will squeeze your hands and kick his feet when asked. After that within 27 treatments he has regained his sight and will track toys and follow you using both eyes! Rudy will also hold his head up and the physical therapists are completely amazed. When we returned to the neurologist who now says,” What ever you’re doing keep it up!” He has now taken Rudy off medicine for spasticity and Seizures!

We are very pleased with Dr Underwood, Susan and Peggy, they really care for Rudy. We would like to thank Rapid Recovery for their generosity and commitment to Near Drown children! We would also like to thank everyone who has given towards Rudy’s treatment thus far.

If anyone would like to help Rudy with his treatments, Please call Susan and she will put you in touch with us.

God Bless all of you!

Alicia C.
Mother to Rudy