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Dear Susan,

We praise GOD every day for his rapid recovery. He's now virtually pain free, he's walking unaided, swimming every day, building model motor bikes (The love of his life,ie moter bikes),doing weight training in a home gymnasium to rebuild his body and has such a positive attitude that he's already planning a motor bike trip through Africa, hoping for June.He may be a little over ambitious, but so what , its the attitude that counts. We are convinced that his recovery is due to all the prayers that have been said for him, plus thanks to you for all your good advise on treating the condition early with HBOT and with the right doses,plus his medical team that managed to control the pain.The Lord is wonderful in how he's brought all these forces together to facilitate Ryan's healing. Its quite unreal as we are only 3 months down the line since the accident and to think that only 2 weeks ago he was in ICU with such severe pain that he was convulsing. I will keep you updated with further progress.

Jill & I thank you so much for your love, caring and support over these past 2 months when we first made contact. May GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER for what you've done for the O'Connor family.

Lots of love,
Vince & Jill