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Timeline of changes in Ryan during and post-Hyperbaric treatments January 17, 2005 thru February 12, 2005. Total of 35 hourly treatments
Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics
Near Drown Child

  • Muscles in upper thighs and lower back loosened dramatically. His back became straight. (He had severe scoliosis)
  • Changing his diaper became very easy, legs are now very loose.
  • He now goes to the bathroom (#2) on a regular basis, no enemas or laxatives since HBOT treatments.
  • His posturing and toning have dramatically decreased to almost none.
  • His startle reflex has also been minimized, he would startle several times a day at any loud noise or touch.
  • He cries to let me know that he is hungry or thirsty, he also smacks his lips.
  • He cries, he hums, he says, ga ga, maaaa, ow and whoah.
  • He pulls his head back and straightens legs out to let us know hes tired. He also lets us know he prefers to be in mom and dads bed by crying.
  • He can follow an object with his eyes, he will look at the person talking in the room, and he will look at the person you ask him to look at. He can distinguish one object from another via flashcards.
  • He puts his arms out to brace himself, as if to stop from falling or to push himself up.
  • He moves his arms and legs freely; he tolerates stimulation and exercises for longer periods of time.
  • He looks at particular toys that he wants versus others. If he is annoyed or mad he will push you away or will pull his hand from yours. Personality change is to scream and cry.
  • He gives hugs. Real hugs, the arms go around you and the hands open up and hold on.
  • He has had only one cold all year; he cleared his own mucus with very minimal suctioning. He coughs very well, he clears his own lungs.
  • He smiles in response to his environment, he screams when left for short periods of time with strangers.
  • He wakes up his parents in the morning by humming and hitting us in the back with his arms, he holds on to hands.
  • HIS Trachea was able to be removed and he is eating solid food!!!!!

Mr. and Mrs Jeff

Parents of Ryan Jeff, Near Drown accident patient.