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Sara C.P. 34 years old

Dear Susan,

Please post this on your site. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me! I also want other older C.P. adults to know that there is hope for them!

My Cerebral Palsy was diagnosed at approximately 9 months of age following an episode of high fever from exposure to mumps. Regular exercises to loosen heel cords allowed me to perform most activities of my choice. When I learned of the hyperbaric therapy I chose to try the therapy in order improve my heel cords, my walking, and my cognitive reasoning. After about 220 treatments I have noticed the following improvements:

  • Cognitive reasoning - I am able to score much higher in written tests and am able to be of more help to my daughter with her homework. Where as prior to HBOT I was unable to help my daughter with any of her elementary homework. When I am at Bible study no one has to repeat anything, prior to HBOT I had Short term memory loss.
  • Heel cords - Stay normal without the constant exercise on them that I had to do prior to therapy. I am now walking with Heels completely down and am able to wear NORMAL shoes.
  • Walking - My walking has improved and is demonstrated by the fact that my shoes don't wear out on one side like before. I never fall anymore, this is exciting for now I can take my daughter to public places safely with out fear. My migraine headaches are completely gone.

Best of all I am able to own and operate my own business and support my child!


SARA OLEN age 34 C.P.