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I would like to thank Susan R. at Rapid Recovery Hyperbaric Center in San Bernardino, California for her care and dedication to the patients that are treated under her care. True to the name "Rapid Recovery" if you are able to be treated by Susan and Dr. Underwood, I am sure you will be very happy with the healthy results and speedy recovery.

Susan has several years of experience and many happy campers because of her care and attention to details in hyperbaric medicine.

If you are considering hyperbaric oxygen therapy and looking for an excellent place in Southern California and you want real results - call Susan.

I have always appreciated the HBOT information that she posts on this forum, and the success stories from the children (and adults) that she has treated tells of her excellent work in hyperbarics It will be one of the most healthy phone calls you ever make, her phone number is: 909-889-0517 and her website is:

It could save your life.

Take care,
Dr. Lane Scott

"The benefits of oxygen begins with the first deep breath of it. Oxygen is to the body and brain what rain is to the desert ~ it creates an oasis in life."