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Severe Ulcers to the Esophagus

To Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics,

Last September of 1999 I began experiencing Chest and Back pains for unknown reasons. It especially hurt when I swallowed and began to increase in intensity as time went by. After seeking medical advice, I was given an endoscopy of my esophagus. Photographs images revealed I had a severe Ulceration of my esophagus. So severe that they thought it could be something far more serious. I was told I had to begin immediately a large dosage of strong prescription medication to stop the Acid Content in my stomach. Since there were so many side effects with the medications I decided to try a different approach to heal and get well. Thank God I found HBOT treatments. After a series of 20 sessions I went back to my Doctor to get re tested with the endoscope of my esophagus with photo’ s Praise God, My new endoscopy revealed that my large ulcers had healed completely and I was pain free! The Doctor and his staff that re tested me were so shocked. I can not thank you enough for my Rapid Recovery!

Susan T.