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~Syrena & Mother~

February 2001

Daughter 8 years old Car accident “Closed Head Injury”

My Daughter Syrena was in a car accident in June 1996 which she had a severe Closed head injury. The Doctors told us that if Syrena did survive that she would not be able to do anything. Indicating that the Closed head injury was so severe she would be blind and helpless.

We heard about Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy from a friend. We started in Oct. 2000 so far she has had over 46 treatments

Here are just some of her improvements:

* She is now counting with blinks!

* Syrena is moving hands, arms legs and feet on command!

* Answering yes and no with Blinks!

* And with her eye she now blinks yes that she can see the light!

* She is now eating some solid foods and suckers.

Dr Underwood put her on a better diet with vitamins. Dr. Underwood said to see if her school therapist would indicate that they also could see an improvement. Well, we did not tell them that we were using Hyperbaric Oxygen. In our last meeting all of her school therapist remarked on Syrena’s improvements, They also said, “Syrena is answering us with Yes and No blinks!!

We were overjoyed with the news that the school therapists were seeing big improvements!

Susan and Dr Underwood are wonderful people and I thank GOD for bring them to our life. We cannot wait to see what the next group of Hyperbarics will bring!!

DK, Mother of Syrena “ Closed head Injury”