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Traumatic Birth Brain Injury
December 2007
Spastic Quad, trachea dependent

Our daughter suffered a traumatic birth brain injury over five years ago. She has been hospitalized numerous times for pneumonia and illness. She was unable to gain weight had seizures, spastic limbs, dilated pupils, blind with a trachea because of thick secretions.

Our daughter was treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy along with Hippo therapy, vest airway clearance system, improved diet and vitamins recommended by Dr Underwood.

Susan and Dr Underwood accommodated our daughter’s needs. They went completely beyond the call of duty to meet her needs. We work odd hours and they were so very pleasant to work within our limited days and times.

With in the first few treatments our daughter’s pupils were equal and responsive to light. It became very clear that she had improved sight and cognitive awareness! She had a head growth of over an inch. She gained over 4 pounds of muscle along with much improved tone and control. She was now able to sit and hold her head for long periods of time. She now could move her legs with purposeful moves when we asked her! Bowel movements were now normal and daily! She has had no seizures at all after HBOT treatments.

Adding the vest airway clearance system her suctioning now was cut down by 75% and she has not had pneumonia or illness for well over 6 months. Combining Hippo-therapy has given her new improved core muscles. She is now able to stand with braces for the first time in her entire life!

I am so thankful to have this treatment and we are going to go for more very soon. My daughter has greatly improved her quality of life. Thank you so much for you’re outstanding care of my child.

God bless you both!

Mr. And Mrs.
Very grateful parents!

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