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A.G. Closed head injury April 2003

  Barwick (Kathy)

  Blair (Mrs)

  Caprio (Diane & Kevin) Daughter, Courtney

  Chavez : Spina Bifida

  Cody : Near Drowning Victim


  Connell (Amanda) : Daughter, Diana


  Conner B (UPDATED 15 MARCH 2008)


  Coover (Julie) : Daughter, Lexi

  Craig D. Closed Head Injury Auto accident (NEW)

  Dale : Stroke

  Daniel W. : Near Drowning Victim

  Dina, The Caregiver & Her RSD/TOS Patient A.K.


  Drug Overdose : Male 24 Years Old (NEW 28 MARCH 2008)

  Dylan C. Autistic Child : Summer 2004 (UPDATED 18 FEBUARY 2005)

  Testimonials from Dr. Phillip James M.D. (NEW)

  Elizabeth: 10 years, Autistic girl with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NEW 1 OCT 2007)

  Erik Near Drown July 2004 (UPDATED)

  Foley (Chuck & Lori) : Son, Corey

  Gina’s Story (Ankle Fracture, Surgery, RSD) (NEW 20 MARCH 2004)

  Frances : Cortical Blindness/ Brain Injury Age 47 years old


  Ian - Autism (2008)


Irene R. Stroke Victim November 2004 (NEW)

Isaac : Age 2, Anoxic Brain Injury, Near Drowing Victim (NEW 15 MARCH 2008)

J.A. Age 4 years NEW)

Jack (NEW)

J.C. (NEW)

Jeff (NEW)

Jim B (NEW)

Jozee, Near Drown child (NEW)

Julie G. Autism August 2007(NEW)

JJ : Shaken Baby Syndrome March 2009(NEW)

  Ivy : Son, Matt

  Johnson (Tad & Susan) : Son, Ian


  Judy (D)

  K : Motorcycle accident HBOT November 2007 (NEW 29 JAN 2008)

  Karen (NEW 6 MARCH 2004)

  Kevin (NEW)

  L (Mrs & Mrs) : CFS/Migraine Headaches

  Laura : Hip Surgery/Peripheral Nerve Damage

  Linda : Daughter, Julia

  Lexi 3.5 months old

  Matthew (NEW)

  Matthew (Near Drown Child) (UPDATED)

  Maria (Patient with RSD) (NEW)

  Michael Schwab - Therapy helps child fight Cerebral Palsy

  Sam and Deanna B (Two Autistic Children)

  Mother with M.S. and Child near drown

  Nardone (Debbie) : Son, Todd

 Pamela M. 46 years old


  Rodriguez (Susan & Pat) : Owners Of Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics (27 JULY)

  RSD Testimonals 2008 (UPDATED 15 March 2008)

  Rudy C : Near Drowning, 17 months old

  RM. 2003, 17 male autistic : See before and after Brain Spect Scans

  Ryan : RSD

  Ryan J. Near Drown Child (NEW)

  Samantha RSD

  Sara : Cerebral Palsy

  SB California

  Scott (Dr Lane)

  Susan T : Esophagial Ulcers

 D.S. : Stroke and Diabetes (NEW)

  Syrena : Closed Head Injury


  Traumatic Birth Brain Injury


  Tustanic (Stjepan & Olivera) : Son, Bruno

  Wagner (Denise & Bill) : Twins, Stephanie & Matthew