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Dear List Members,

As a father of 23 months old boy with CP ( PVL), I would like to share with other parents how our son had improved after 40 HBO treatments that he had in San Bernardino's Susan Rodrigues Hyperbaric facility. I hope Suzan wont mind me sharing our original e-mail send to her after our Bruno finished his forty dives.

We hope our experience will help other parents in their efforts to help our little angels.

Dear Susan,

This last two days have been pretty hectic, and as you can see I am writing you from my work.

After the last dive on Tuesday, Bruno had slept like an angel, waking up after 10 hours of straight sleep at 9 A.M. Since than, he is more and more himself, much more calmer, and sharing fare number of smiles. It seems that he came full circle and that whatever it was the reason for his changed behavior, has passed now. So hopefully, we would like to believe he was going through the healing phase, or which is also possible, that he was just tired after 40 dives.

We would like to thank you( as well as to Pat and your wonderful children), for your commitment to treat Bruno for the straight 26 days, with only one single day off, for your patience with Ivo ( especially heaving in mind his vocal capabilities), and all of us. Bruno has had considerable improvements in the decrease of spasticity ( 50 - 70%), heels are down when we help him stand, arms are bending more and fingers much more active, his eyes also seem to be better. We hope that cognitive improvements would be visible more when he becomes older.

We will keep in touch, hoping to do more treatments in the future and hoping to be able to report more pleasant news. Leaving you for now, we remain….

Sincerely yours,

Stjepan and Olivera Tustanic