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Wagner Twins Stephanie and Matthew

The Wagner Twins Stephanie & Matthew (1999) after 40 treatments. Prior to HBOT the twins were non-verbal and not walking. After the 40 HBOT's they are walking and totally verbal!

We just got back from being out all day, 8/1 1999. Matthew and Stephanie went to their therapy today at Henry Mayo Hospital. The Speech Pathologist was so impressed she is going to write up her eval of Matty and credit HBO to the truly speedy progress he has made since she last saw him around, June 24th, 1999. He is doing so good Susan. Did I tell you that he says my name now. In fact he can say just about every thing asked. He is improving every day.

It is so incredible. He is even changing in his personality. He is so happy, he is getting more patient and less frustrated. The staff at Henry Mayo Hospital even noticed it, and my Dad can not mention it enough. He is really blossoming into a happy little guy.

How can people doubt this treatment, or deny it when it helps even one child in anyway?


Denise W.