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I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and Rapid Recovery for the wonderful love and support we received while in treatment for the several months we attended the clinic. We are probably the slowest to complete the first series of 40 treatments of anyone you have ever treated, but I feel it was well worth the expanded time.

When Zander, my son who is now 3 first started there some 9 months ago, he was not a very capable crawler and it was nearly impossible for him to stand with his feet flat. Since receiving HBOT, he crawls like a crazy man and is standing and cruising the furniture, all while standing with his heels on the floor. After only 4 treatments we noticed that he was finally ticklish on his feet like other children and after about 20 treatments he was growing some hair on his legs. He is now able to use his left hand and arm for supporting his body and for fine motor skills with no more problems. His successes are many, and others are quick to point them out to us. We truly believe that HBOT has given him a great chance at the most normal life possible. I used the results I saw from HBOT and helped him with his physical therapy to help him gain the most possible from the HBOT brought-on improvements.

I will continue to bring him for treatments and hope that others with CP kids will find encouragement from the results we feel HBOT with Rapid Recovery has given him.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for Zander and our family,


Kim (mother to Zander, a very special soul)